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A conspiracy for change: International Kick-Off Meeting in Germany from 19.-23. March


A group of 11 representatives from 5 countries (Chile, Germany, India, Tunisia, Uganda) of the Learn2Change-Network has gathered for a planning meeting in Welthaus Barnstorf, in order to lay the foundation for the next learning and action cycle in 2017/18.
During the meeting the spirit of respect and togetherness that qualifies the network since its establishment in 2014 was quickly renewed and gave a lot of energy to tackle all the tasks ahead.
After deepening the mutual understanding - through storytelling, dialogue on concepts of learning and change and sharing different educational methods - the planning group has explored the pathway for further consolidating, expanding and increasing collaboration in the Network.  Among others, a working visit of 12 international activists in Germany followed by a global conference in September, online learning opportunities and the publication of a book with contributions from all members were outlined. And finally, the Learn2Change song "Global Family" was recorded!
Everybody left eager to start working towards realizing the goals that were set together.

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